Does Your Marriage Still Spark Joy? 3 Signs It Might Be Over

young woman looking sad

Signs of an Impending Divorce

Every couple fights, but that’s not always the first sign that a divorce may be on the horizon. Small things may start to build over time and create little cracks in the relationship that eventually blow up into something unfixable. Here are three of those small things that may point to your relationship coming to an end.

1. You Stop Spending Time Together

When you and your spouse no longer grocery shop, watch tv, share meals, or spend intimate time together, that may indicate relationship troubles. Having alone time is healthy and may be necessary for some situations, but if you find yourself preferring to spend time alone more frequently, it could be a sign that you are feeling suffocated in your relationship — or that you’ve stopped making your time together a priority.

2. You’ve Become Apathetic

If your relationship was once filled with bickering or arguments but has turned into eye rolls and deep breaths, that may be a sign that you’ve checked out emotionally. While no one wants to fight with their spouse, most marriage counselors will agree that small arguments are a sign of a good relationship (as long as you do it healthily). If you’re at the point in your marriage where you’ve stopped communicating about the things that frustrate you, you may be nearing a separation.

3. You’ve Thought About Ending the Marriage or Having an Affair

Every married couple might wish for more time with friends or more time alone — especially if you have children. However, constantly questioning whether you even want to be in the relationship may be a sign that you are no longer invested.

On the other hand, the prospect of your marriage coming to an end may also come with you being curious about being with other people — which may drive you to an affair. If either of these things is becoming a real possibility in your mind, it may be time to evaluate whether it’s time to get a divorce.

Knowing When It’s Time

Coming to the decision to end your marriage is challenging for anyone, but knowing the right time to do it will depend entirely on you and what you think is in the best interest of your family.

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