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We get this question a lot. The answer is that it depends. Technically speaking, anyone can represent themselves. For example, if God-forbid you were on trial for murder, you have the right to represent yourself. Is it recommended? No. There are many reasons why having a lawyer is recommended – legal knowledge and negotiation skills,

Levine Law Center is committed to keeping fees honest and reasonable. We keep our fees in line with other attorneys in the area. We take time to review fee agreements with each and every client.

As a general practice, our fee structure works as follows:

For personal injury cases, we work on a contingency fee basis, which means that you do not pay any money up front. Rather, the attorney fee comes out of your settlement. The fee is typically 33% of any settlement, or 40% if a lawsuit is filed. In addition, clients are responsible for the costs and expenses related to the case (e.g., the hiring of an expert witness), which get deducted from your recovery.

For family law matters, fees are paid up front by way of a retainer agreement, which goes towards time spent by our attorneys on your case. We recognize that hourly fees can add up, which is why our goal is to settle disputes as quickly and efficiently as possible so as to avoid unnecessary legal fees. If litigation is needed, however, we are seasoned litigators who are not afraid to fight.

We offer a free, confidential and in-person consultation to our personal injury clients. For our family law and restraining order clients, we offer a free and confidential phone consultation, and then a flat $200/hour fee for in-person consultations.

Give us a call and let’s see how we can help. We can’t guarantee that we will take your case, but we are happy to talk to you confidentially about whatever issue you are having and give you some guidance. If Levine Law Center does take over a case, you may be worried about how your former attorney will get paid. What normally happens is that your former attorney will recover a portion of the overall attorney fee at the end of your case.


804, 2019

Andrew Levine Elected to Oregon State Bar House of Delegates

April 8th, 2019|

Attorney Andrew Levine Elected to Oregon State Bar House of Delegates Managing Attorney Andrew Levine has been elected to serve on the Oregon State Bar House of Delegates. The House of Delegates is authorized to take action on various issues that affect attorneys, including disciplinary [...]

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How can I keep lawyer fees as low as possible for a divorce?

September 22nd, 2018|

A family law lawyer telling you how to save money on fees? Crazy, right!? Actually, we encourage all of our clients to do the following so that they don’t have to spend more money on our fees than necessary. First, get yourself organized! Keep an [...]