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Family Law

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Call us today for a consultation at (503) 208-3459
Family Law attorney Portland

Nobody enters into a marriage expecting to divorce. But when it happens, it is painful on so many levels. Those going through a divorce can experience a mix of emotions — anger, sadness, confusion, among others. These feelings are more acute when a divorcing couple have children. On top of everything, there are financial and legal ramifications to a divorce that need to be assessed.

If you are going through a divorce in the Portland area, please know that you are not alone — approximately half of all marriages end in divorce. The fact of that matter is that no divorce is easy; however, our mission at Levine Law Center is to make the process as pain-free as possible for you.

Asset division, spousal and child support, and child custody are just a few of the many legal issues that may arise throughout your divorce. Once you hire our attorneys in Portland, it is our job to be your number one advocate and ensure that you are strongly represented should any legal issue arise.

At Levine Law Center in Portland, we will strategize with you to consider the pros, cons, and costs of litigation, and would never encourage you to enter litigation when it would simply not be cost effective or in your best interests. In fact, most family law legal issues in Portland can and should be resolved without court intervention and costly legal fees. The expression “fighting over pots and pans” exists for a reason. But if and when the need for litigation in Portland arises, we will be ready to fight.

Custody and Support Obligations

Custody and financial support battles are common in the Portland area — and often contentious — legal issues for couples going through a divorce.

Levine Law Center in Portland strongly advocates on behalf of our clients who are dealing with custody and support issues. Our attorneys in Portland fight to ensure that our clients are treated with fairness. Our attorneys care deeply about the well being of the parties’ children, and advocate for our client’s wishes with respect to what would be in their best interest.

Wills, Trusts, Pre and Post-Nuptial Agreements

Levine Law Center in Portland prepares wills, trusts, pre- and post-nuptial agreements for our clients. We take the time to carefully review the needs and wishes of our clients, and discuss the legal consequences of these decisions. Our family law attorneys have found that having your family financial situation organized is not only a responsible thing to do, but also brings a lot of relief to loved ones knowing that their desires will be respected.

Levine Law Center works on a reasonable flat fee basis with respect to preparation of clients’ wills, trusts, and nuptial agreements.

Levine Law Center in Portland is unique in that we are experienced family law practitioners who offer reasonable and flexible payment plans to assist you with your family law case. We are completely transparent about costs, fees, and expenses, and promise that you will never pay for frivolous litigation.

Why We’re Different:
  • Transparent and reasonable cost structure.
  • Text, phone and email access to our attorneys and paralegals.
  • Online software that allows you to upload documents and message our team.
  • An approach that values less litigation over more, but with attorneys who are ready to fight when necessary.


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